TA Insights: Linda Gregory PhD

TA Insights: Linda Gregory PhD

We are excited to launch our new Series: TA Insights🌟
Our first Insight is from Linda Gregory PHD.
🌟We are all longing for self-actualisation and transcending, albeit many are often unconscious of this need. Connection to our deep being/our I am self/spirituality, is essential to mental health and well-being.
Symptoms of depression, anxiety, feeling disempowered, isolated, stressed, drug and alcohol abuse, relationship difficulties, and many other ills, can be attributed to not being connected to our personal spirituality, to not being aware of our human need to self-actualize and transcend.
The big question is, What is stopping us from reaching self-actualisation and autonomy?🌟
You can learn more about Dr Gregory and her new book
Three Paths to Autonomy and Self-Actualisation, for Therapist and Client @ www.drlindagregory.com
The book is also available on Amazon 
Janice Dowson to Receive Muriel James Living Principles Award from ITAA

Janice Dowson to Receive Muriel James Living Principles Award from ITAA

We are delighted to receive the news that the International Transactional Analysis Association has selected Janice Dowson as the recipient of this year’s Muriel James Living Principles Award.

Here is an excerpt from her nomination:

Janice has made significant contributions to transactional analysis, the ITAA, and the TA worldwide community. In doing so, and in her personal life, she has consistently lived the principles of TA, including demonstrating clear Adult thinking, joyful creativity, compassionate ethics, and a lack of gaminess in transactions.

She models egalitarian relationships and promotes an “I’m OK, You’re OK” atmosphere in both professional and personal arenas and has thereby improved the quality of life and development of individuals, groups, and the community at large. She has, in many ways, been active in the international advancement of the principles of transactional analysis both professionally and personally.

Although Janice’s many contributions would qualify her for other ITAA awards, this one is particularly meaningful because of Janice’s warm personal relationship with Muriel, including staying in touch and visiting her during Muriel’s later years.

In addition to the three primary nominators—Lucy Freedman, Charlotte Daellenbach, and Bill Cornell—the following ITAA members and friends are supporting this nomination: Inger Acking. Tom Burton, Leonard Campos, Richard Erskine, Felipe Garcia, Thorsten Geck, Robert Hempel, Gloria Noriega, and Reiko True.

Congratulations to Janice and much appreciation for all you do to support TA, NATAA, and ITAA!