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Righteous Anger

NATAA Presents:

Healing the Inner Child: Revisited 


Dr. Jonathan B. Weiss, Ph.D.
Dr. Laurie Weiss, Ph.D.

April 20th, 12pm – 2pm. Eastern time USA

Studies of adverse childhood experiences show that 67% of adults have lived through a potentially traumatic event before age 18. Most challenges our clients bring us can be traced, at least partially, to those events.

The Needs-Response Cycle is a context for looking at both the impact of those traumas and healthy, game free behavior that is an outcome of having transactional needs met at each stage of child development. It also shows the likely impact of trauma on this process, leading to games, rackets, script decisions, addictions, etc., when those transactional needs are not met.

We will present tools for helping clients link current problems with unmet developmental needs caused by the traumas. These tools identify both the trauma needing resolution as well as the need for trauma interrupted life skill development. We will also introduce and demonstrate Logosynthesis, a new, energy based, system we now use for resolving trauma quickly and gently.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize the probable developmental roots of 3 common presenting problems.
  • Use a worksheet to help a client separate a trauma experience from the need to develop a trauma inhibited life skill.
  • Experience the simplicity and effectiveness of the basic Logosynthesis procedure.
​Laurie and Jonathan Weiss have been teaching members of ITAA for over five decades. They are among the pioneers of developmentally-based TA therapy. They are well known for their Recovery from Codependency book, their work with relationships and their more recent work with Logosynthesis.

Watch now! Exclusive Interview with Jonathan & Laurie Weiss hosted by Alexis Brink.


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TA Stories

Thanks to the foresight of the late Chuck Holland, we have video recordings of conversations among various TA Elders about their TA history and training. In anticipation of the upcoming workshop with Jonathan and Laurie Weiss, our generous volunteer editor Chris Zimmerman has prepared the episode of TA Stories with Jonathan and Laurie along with Pamela Levin. They shared their experiences as trainees and taking their examinations as well as more insider stories about the early years. We are pleased that Pamela will be offering a workshop later this year.


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