Report to Membership Distributed at Membership Meeting August 2007

Governance, Committees, and Initiatives

NATAA Council Highlights

Spring and Summer 2007

Background on Council Elections

Article V, Section 5 ”When a vacancy occurs on the Council, the Council members may select a designee to serve as a full Council member pending a vote of the general members in an election at the next business meeting.”

We agreed that when a person resigns before the end of their term, the replacement will fill out the remaining time in the term, so the rotation is maintained. Lucy provided a chart showing that the Pacific (Anna Long), and Rocky Mountain (Abe Wagner) terms go through 2007, the Midwest (Ken Taber) and Southwest (Chuck Holland) terms go through 2008, and the Northeast (Marian Weisberg) and Southwest (Vacant) terms go through 2009.

Voting Members of Council; Inclusion of Committee Chairs

Two Standing Rules were proposed and accepted as clarification of the Bylaws.

“The voting members of the Council consist of the five members-at-large, the Regional Representatives, and the Immediate Past General Coordinator.”

“The Council can invite persons who are performing designated functions on behalf of the organization, including, but not limited to, Committee Chairs, Heads of Task Forces, and the NET Editor, and can authorize the reimbursements of their expenses for attending Council meetings when so invited to attend.”

Structure of Education Committees and Education Project

Three separate committees under the Coordinator of Education: Vision and Strategy Committee, for which we will need to recruit a chair and members. CEU Committee, headed by Bobbie Barry, and one will be a TA Practitioner Committee, headed by Val Chang. The Education Project will be moved to under the Coordinator of Programs and is currently chaired by Denton Roberts, who plans to transition it to a new committee now that the model programs have been designed and are being run in Dallas and Boise.

Social Justice Committee

We agreed to form a Standing Committee for Social Action, and accept Ken’s offer to be the point person and explore options for actions. Some possibilities are:

1) how can NATAA take on Social Action in general

2) how can we explore our own internal process to conform to our values

3) how might we (eventually?) support/fund social action projects of members

Since then, we have settled on the name Social Justice Committee.

Membership Recruitment

Our goal is the further expansion of TA in the US. Based on a market analysis, we have decided to focus on people in the counseling field first. If we do a few things well first, we can then build on a resurgence. We can then think about how to provide CEU’s or credentials for people in Education, Coaching, and Organizational Development.

There are about 4-500 ITAA members in the US, and  about 125 NATAA members.Staying in touch, NET, Website, Blog

We agreed that the Council has an ongoing commitment to be transparent and welcome input from members.

The next NET will be the post-conference issue. Please write! Contact

After the conference, the current conference blog site can be used to update members on Council activities and regional events.

Education Project – Working with Local TA People

We discussed that the Education Project represents a paradigm shift in providing TA training in the US. Previously, individuals provided 101’s and advanced training independently. Training will now be available through the Project, and we also want to consider how individuals who provide training independently can do it in harmony with the modules, so that students can work toward our TA Practitioner status. Fanita has suggested another model, of a group of people in a local area (maybe people who got interested in TA at the conference), forming a study group to learn TA and invite trainers.

2008 Jamaica Gathering

Frenchman’s Cove, Port Antonio, Jamaica – a supporter of this conference – will again be the site, Feb. 1-8, 2008. An incredible week at an incredible price for a week-long stay for $750 per person.

Requests for Help

Southeast Regional Representative nominations.

Writing: Articles for NET and for the site

Donations to NATAA Social Justice Fund

Recruitment of ITAA members and people new to TA to join NATAA

Volunteer to train or to host Education project modules

Join a committee: education, membership, program, finance, communications, social justice, website management

Run for next year’s council vacancies

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