Learn About TA Practitioner Training

Whether you are already familiar with Transactional Analysis (TA) or are exploring it for the first time, you can learn life-enhancing concepts and techniques that are immediately applicable to your professional field as well as your personal life.

TA has earned a worldwide reputation as one of the foundational components of positive psychology. Major factors in that achievement are, most recognizably, the ideas that people are OK and that we are born OK, and that we make early decisions, sometimes under trauma.  These decisions can limit us as well as protect us.  We adopt ideas of our identity and capacities, and through our behavior patternswe live out the life script that we have writtenunless we decide to do it differently.

That’s where the various schools and practices of Transactional Analysis come in. To help people revisit those decisions and make new ones, TA theories and methods are now being used in every helping profession, from psychotherapy and counseling, to leadership, coaching, health care and education, to name a few.

How can you receive practical training in Transactional Analysis?

How can you add TA as a specialization within your professional field?

How can you meet and get to know other TA people who share the journey?

How can you learn from experienced teachers who have traveled the world and are now available to you anywhere in the world online, or perhaps locally as well?

NATAA has assembled a series of learning modules that are offered by qualified TA Practitioner Instructors, using their own methods and platforms, to take you through all the major components of TA and facilitate your ability to apply it in the areas that matter most to you. Each TAP Instructor will help you meet the requirements and learning objectives for the TAP Certificate, based on his or her orientation and experience.

Interested in how this can advance your career and life goals?

Take a look at the TA Resources on this site, read the requirements for each level of TAP certification, and email us at education@nataa.net if you have questions.

Welcome to the OK-OK World of Transactional Analysis!

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