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Transactional Analysis uses simple definition and diagrams to help people understand themselves, communicate effectively, and solve problems. TA is ideal for personal insights and growth; self-understanding, communication skills, and positive life messages. Life coaches find the tools of TA very helpful for clients.


  • features the work of Ellyn Bader and Pete Pearson in their work with couples.

Books: are usually available on Amazon or eBay.

  • Women As Winners: Transactional analysis for Personal Growth by Dorothy Jongeward and Dru Scott
  • The Seven Principles for Creating Your Authentic Life by Catherine M. O’Brien. The electronic book is used on your iPad or iPhone. Available from iTunes.
  • TA: The Total Handbook of Transactional Analysis by Stan Woollams and Michael Brown
  • Becoming the Way We Are A Transactional Guide to Personal Development by Pam Levin
  • Breaking Free: Self Re-Parenting for a New Life by Muriel James


  • Handling Those Difficult People by Sam Lloyd

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