Preparing to Apply for Certification

Before you begin the application process, establish a connection with a TAPI who is willing to examine your qualifications and, if the TAPI concludes you are eligible, endorse your application.  Ideally, you would connect with a TAPI who is familiar with the training and supervision experiences you will present to qualify.

To apply for certification, use the link below to open, fill-in, and submit the form.  Before opening the form, prepare by having information easily accessible to cut and paste or upload in a file. The information you submit is maintained in a folder available to USATAA/NATAA volunteers and staff.

Having this information on hand will be helpful if anyone, for any reason, seeks to confirm your eligibility to receive the certification.
Regarding items 2, 3, and 4, think of terms of “just enough information.” We don’t need all the information, just enough so that we know what to ask about if we have questions.

1. Name and email address of the TAPI who will endorse your application.
2. Your Background

You may upload a bio or resume if you wish.
Alternatively, you may paste or type text into the form, including telling us about:
Your experience
Your formal education and training
Your licenses and certificates

3. TA Specific Training

You may upload a training/supervision log or an overview/summary if you wish.
Alternatively, you may paste or type text into the form that: summarizes:
Your training and supervision by TAPIs or qualified ITAA trainers
Your total TA training hours
Your total TA supervision hours.

4. You may also upload up to 5 additional documents telling us about yourself and your TA training. This might include certificates, program descriptions, documents from other trainers and anything you believe would help your endorsing TAPI assess your skills and perspectives, such as a personal narrative.

5. Your method of payment for the certification. Your options include PayPal, credit card, electronic funds transfer, and check.

What happens next?
1. Soon after you submit your application, you will receive an email confirming that it has been received. You may need to check your spam or junk email folder.
2. Soon after your payment is received by the USATAA/NATAA accountant, your application will be forwarded to your endorsing TAPI for review and approval. You will be notified that your application has been forwarded to your endorsing TAPI.
3. When your endorsing TAPI approves your application, your certificate will be prepared and emailed to you.

Note: If you have not received the step 2 notification after two weeks from the date of your submission of the application, please notify the Certification Coordinator at:


NATAA Certification Application

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