Psychotherapy and Counseling

Representative: Janet O’Connor, EdS, LISAC, LPC


TA is a positive theory of psychology created by Eric Berne, MD. Many psychotherapists, social workers, and licensed therapists use TA principles and tools in their practices. These resources will help you learn more about TA applications in psychotherapy.


  • Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy features Vann Joines, Phd, who uses TA in his practice. Vann also teaches several workshops at his institute located in Chapel Hill NC.

Books: are available on Amazon or eBay

  • Techniques in Transactional Analysis for Psychotherapists an Counselors by Muriel James and Contributors
  • Changing Lives with Redecision Therapy by Bob and Mary Goulding
  • Therapeutic Journey: Practice and Life by James R. and Barbara A. Allen


  • How Did You Become A Transactional Analyst by Fanita English
  • Positive Psychology and Transactional Analysis by Rosemary Napper, published in the Transactional Analysis Journal 2009
  • Underlying Tenets from Freud by Fanita English
  • Tenets of Transactional Analysis by Fanita English
  • Vann Joines-Helping our Clients Reach a sense of OK-ness”
  • Kathy Sherrod “Life Scripts”
  • A Typology of Psychopathology and Treatment of Children and Adolescents by James R. Allen and Barbara A. Allen


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