TA Practitioner Requirements

Level I: TAP


  1. Sign a training agreement with a TA Practitioner Instructor. TAP Training Agreement.
  2. TA 101 Course or 6 hour Introduction to Transactional Analysis Theory
  3. Completion of four additional modules on the application of TA (or the Equivalent) (50 hours minimum)
  4. Endorsement of instructor that participant has completed all the approved learning objectives for the TA Practitioner Certificate.
  5. Membership in NATAA.
  6. Apply to NATAA for Certificate & Pay Fee ($50)
  7. Taught by TAPI, CTA (with certification to teach the TA 101), PTSTA, TSTA, or Diplomate in Redecision Therapy with a TAPI Certificate.
  8. Awareness of and agreement with the NATAA Code of Ethics.

Note: Certified TA 101 Instructors may include additional material from the approved 101 Outline and may endorse the TA Practitioner as meeting International Transactional Analysis Association’s requirements for completion of the TA 101.

TAP Module Objectives are listed here.

More TAP information:

What is TAP?

Levels of Certification

TAP Training Agreement

When requirements have been met, apply for your certificate in the members-only section.

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