Newsweek magazine recently ran a cover story on Freud’s legacy and the culture of therapy (Newsweek, March 27, 2006). To our dismay, Transactional Analysis was not mentioned. Northeast regional representative Barbara Little Horse wrote a letter to Newsweek, below. We urge NATAA members and all TA people to contact Newsweek and to publicize TA in your communities. We hope that our current efforts to renew and spread Transactional Analysis will ensure that therapists and other helping professionals, as well as the public, will recognize and utilize TA’s powerful approach to human development.


>From Barbara:

I am submitting a copy of the letter I wrote to Newsweek regarding their March article “Freud is not Dead.” I am hoping that others will send letters as well since not one mention has been given in that article giving credit to Eric Berne or TA.

Letter to the Editor of Newsweek

One area of psychotherapy neglected in the March 27 article Freud is Not Dead is the approach developed in the late 1960’s by Dr. Eric Berne who was often quoted as saying “I am more Freudian than Freud.”

Among the first post-Freudian models of psychology, Transactional Analysis integrates physical, intellectual, emotional, verbal, and nonverbal components of human expression in its philosophy and practice. It combines elements of humanistic, psychodynamic, object relations and cognitive-behavioral therapies to effect positive change. It is useful not only as a philosophy and tool in psychotherapy, but also as a training tool in both educational and organizational settings.

Though unfortunately dismissed as “pop” psychology subsequent to the 1970’s, Transactional Analysis is flourishing and growing in Europe, Asia, Mexico, and in the Carribean. In addition, it is currently undergoing a renascence in the United States.

Dr. Eric Berne certainly deserves a place among those creative and brilliant individuals whose approach and impact was initially influenced by Sigmund Freud.

Barbara Little Horse, Ph.D.
New York, NY

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